Seven women MPs from Afghanistan arrived in Athens, Foreign Ministry reports

Earlier Wednesday, seven Afghan women MPs arrived in Athens via Tbilisi, accompanied by their family members, the Foreign Ministry said. Seven women were expelled from Afghanistan in the aftermath of the actions of the New York-based Zaka Khan non-governmental organization. Their arrival and stay in Greece, which is closely coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign […]

Talib tours from Krasnoyarsk

Entrepreneurial entrepreneurs from Krasnoyarsk have begun preparations for the launch of tourist trips to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for extreme lovers. Hot Taliban tours While people are fleeing Afghanistan, a Krasnoyarsk travel agent announced the launch of business tours there. For 350 thousand, Galina Zhdanova promised entrepreneurs with apparently urgent matters in a hot […]

Shanghai Cooperation Organization welcomes Iran and prepares to host Afghanistan

The security of neighboring countries is expected to be the focus of the new government in Kabul, including stability and economic concerns. Immediately after the end of the American occupation of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan withdrew their objections and accepted Iran as a full member. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Iran has been an observer member […]

Former Foreign Ministry official: “Greece will suffer from refugees”

Former Foreign Ministry spokesman Sarah Sarazhenkhank (Σαράχ Σαράτζενχανκ) is confident: “Greece will suffer from refugees. The Taliban rule will not last long – a terrorist attack like September 11 is possible. “ The ex-diplomat predicts, Mega and Eleftheria Davatzi report, that the situation in Greece will be quite difficult due to the large flow of […]

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