Former Foreign Ministry official: “Greece will suffer from refugees”

Former Foreign Ministry spokesman Sarah Sarazhenkhank (Σαράχ Σαράτζενχανκ) is confident: “Greece will suffer from refugees. The Taliban rule will not last long – a terrorist attack like September 11 is possible. “ The ex-diplomat predicts, Mega and Eleftheria Davatzi report, that the situation in Greece will be quite difficult due to the large flow of […]

Afghanistan: where will the refugees go and which countries are ready to accept them

Thousands of people are trying to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country, almost 20 years after the US-led coalition toppled it. Where will the refugees go? The Taliban control all major land border points with neighboring countries. The militants said they did not want Afghans to flee the country. According to […]

The chaos at Kabul airport continues. 7 dead. Hard video frames

7 people were killed while trying to enter the Kabul airport. The situation there is chaotic, with desperate citizens risking their lives trying to leave the Taliban-held country. Some remain lifeless on the road to freedom, trampled by the crowd. Seven people were trampled to death, according to the United Kingdom Department of Defense, which […]

Greece pays special attention to safe evacuation from Afghanistan and border protection

The National Council for Foreign and Defense Affairs (KYSEA) met Wednesday afternoon to discuss developments in Afghanistan and planning for the defense of the country’s border. At the same time, Greece’s first priority is to ensure a safe passage for the return of people and their families who collaborated with the Greek troops in Afghanistan. […]

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