Greece dressed in white

Bad weather “Diomides” thoroughly walked across Attica. Heavy snowfall was recorded on Mount Parnitha. In the early morning, snowblowers try to clear roads in northern Attica and sprinkle salt on them. It is noted that due to frost, traffic along Parnitas Avenue towards the casino has been stopped (from the height of the cable car). […]

Meteorological warning: snow expected in Attica mountains

Meteorologist Clearhos Marousakis predicts a significant deterioration in the weather in the eastern part of mainland Greece and in the western part of the Aegean region. In particular, tomorrow, on Tuesday December 14, in the above geographical areas, according to the eminent forecaster, showers and storm winds are expected. In coastal areas, heavy snowfall is […]

Weather: hello winter-winter

At the end of November-December, the weather in Greece is like winter. The lowest air temperatures were recorded in the country this morning, December 1. The last day of November was “distinguished” by snowfall and heavy wind, and already on December 1 on the street one could see the picture of “frost and sun”. According […]

Greeks flee the city on New Year’s holidays

Reservation of tourist properties for Christmas and New Year reaches 100% in popular winter destinations in Greece. Despite the outbreak of the pandemic and the prevailing unfavorable conditions, Greeks, according to a new study by the Pan-Greek network of real estate agents E-Real Estates, are determined to “celebrate in a close circle, away from the […]

The upcoming winter in Greece – is it worth waiting for severe cold weather

Forecasts of meteorologists for the coming months promise Greece a lot of precipitation in winter and the influence of the polar vortex. The coming winter, according to experts, will be rich in precipitation. Traditionally, in most of the country, they pass in the form of rains, but this year things may be different. Forecasters warn […]

Is winter back?

Cold weather with severe frosts was recorded this morning in the northern and central regions of mainland Greece. The lowest temperature, according to the network of automatic meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens /, was recorded in the village of Vlasta (Kozani), with a value of -9.4 ° C. In addition, low […]

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