July 16, 2024

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In the mountains, snow cover reached 10 cm

It is snowing in Pelion, and in Honje the snow cover has already reached 5 cm. There are no problems on the Volos-Zagoras road.

Snowfall is more intense at the top of Pelion and at the ski center at Agriolefkes. The thermometer at 11:00 showed -2°C in Hnye and -4°C at the local ski resort.

It is raining in the city of Volos and the temperature is +8°C. The municipal authorities issued a statement, which, among other things, emphasized: “We recommend that our fellow citizens avoid unnecessary movements, both for their own safety and to facilitate the work of public utilities. We are prepared to cope with adverse weather conditions if required.”

Meteorologist Marousakis announced that “a new invasion of cold weather in Attica will begin from Friday 12/01. Snowfall is expected.”

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