June 15, 2024

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Alkionides in the depths of the Greek winter

The phenomenon of fine days that come in the middle of winter, the so-called “Alkyonides”, was explained by EMY director Thodoris Kolidas.

The expert explains that this phenomenon is unevenly distributed throughout Greece, since the phenomenon can be observed in some regions, but not in others.

In Attica, as the director of EMY mentions, the Alkionides (Αλκυονίδες) usually last longer: “This is because with the increase in temperature in the depths of winter, an anticyclone is created over Attica, that is, an area of ​​​​high pressure that “locks/holds” warm air masses in one in the same place for several days.”

Alkionides occur between December 16 and February 16 (but only for 7-10 days). The minimum air temperature does not fall below +4°С degrees, and the maximum exceeds +16°С. At the same time, the weather is almost always sunny, and the average wind force does not exceed 2 points on the Beaufort scale. In the Attica basin, Alcyonids usually last longer.

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