May 27, 2024

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Kholodryga in Thessaloniki: air temperature dropped by 18 degrees in 24 hours

From today, Saturday 20/1, until Monday, the air temperature in Thessaloniki will drop with the arrival of cold weather.

According to meteorologists, snow will fall first in the mountains, and from Saturday night will spread to the plains of northern latitudes. The foothills of Thessaly, Epirus and Sterea will also be dressed in white.

Earlier today, the National Weather Service (NWS) updated its worsening extreme weather advisory with the latest forecast data, and Residents of Thessaloniki have already “felt” the frost. In just 24 hours, the mercury “dropped” by 18 degrees!

Meanwhile, the Thessaloniki Traffic Authority announced safety measures due to bad weather, stressing that all drivers must be equipped with snow chains. Let us note that, according to the traffic police, from 14:00 the ring road will be closed to trucks and buses.

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