July 16, 2024

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Weather: Attica covered with snow

In Attica, there has been light snow since this morning, which weather forecasters warned about. The estimated cumulative snow depth in centimeters, calculated using a numerical weather forecast model, was provided by the Athens National Observatory.

The new cold spell expected to hit our country this evening (January 12) has been the subject of discussion over the past few hours. At the same time, the interest of the Athenians is focused on whether they will see snow in Athens (or whether everything will be limited to rain).

In a conversation with iefimerida.gr, Nikos Canderes notes that “the second wave of cold that we expect will be somewhat weaker than the previous one.” “The peculiarity of the weather in the coming days is that in many areas there will be no rain at all. We expect snowfall in Evia, Peloponnese, Pelion, but under no circumstances We don’t expect snow in Athens. If, for example, in two or three snowflakes will fall in the northern suburbs, it won’t mean anything” notes the veteran meteorologist and former director of the National Weather Service.

“Indeed, from Sunday (14/1) it is expected gradual improvement, it will be sunny, but of course very cold. On Monday and Tuesday, rain and snow are expected in many parts of the country (mainly in Epirus), and from Wednesday to Saturday we can safely say that the “cold has receded”, as the air temperature is expected to rise to +16°C.

Alpha and Weather2Go.gr meteorologist Georgios Tsatrafillias also expressed his opinion about snow in Attica. For his part, he says that we expect snow in the Attica basin, and in Kitairon, in the mountains of Imittos, Parnitha and Penteli – from an altitude of 700 meters and above.

Local snowfall will happen today in the mountains of Sterea and Peloponnese, said ERT meteorologist Panagiotis Yiannopoulos.

Tomorrow (13/1) the main weather feature will be snowfall in the foothills of the eastern part of the country. In particular, from midnight to the morning hours, snowfall is expected in Chalkidiki, Thessaly (Magnesia), central Sterea (Euritania, Phthiotis, Phokis and Boeotia), as well as in the highlands and foothills of Evia, eastern Sterea and eastern Peloponnese. Snowfall in Magnesia and possibly central Sterea will be heavy in places. The weather will gradually weaken and end in the afternoon.

In addition, starting tonight in the Aegean Sea, hurricane-force north winds and low temperatures for the season are expected, the maximum values ​​of which will not exceed +6-8°C. Frosts are expected in continental areas of Greece.

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