Sparta: wedding in a hearse

An unusual spectacle was observed yesterday by the stunned residents of Sparta – the means of transportation for the bride and groom was … a hearse. Many citizens hurried to capture on video how an employee of the Vlachos-Barelos funeral home first went to the church in a decorated hearse to perform the wedding ceremony, […]

Lightning strike at a wedding

The lens of a photographer shooting a celebration captured rare footage. Photos and videos from the wedding party show lightning flashing behind the groom’s father during the fiery dance. And this is not a photo montage, but quite real shots. Fortunately, the discharge of heavenly electricity did not harm the man in any way, since […]

Luxurious Bollywood wedding in Rhodes

An impressive wedding in the best cinematic traditions of Bollywood took place in Rhodes. The glamorous and luxurious ceremony was held for two descendants of Indian millionaires who live in the United Kingdom and have now legally decided to unite their lives on the island of the Knights, the publication reports. According to Real […]

Thessaloniki: weddings on Mondays

If you received an invitation to a friend’s wedding that says the wedding ceremony will take place on Monday noon, it’s not a typo. This summer has made weddings… an everyday affair, according to people who are active in organizing weddings. According to experts, due to restrictive measures due to the pandemic in 2022, a […]

Couples prefer to enter into cohabitation agreements rather than marry

A significant increase in the number of cohabitation agreements in the first half of 2021, compared to the corresponding period last year, is recorded by the official data of the register of the municipality of Chania. According to the data provided, in the period from 01.01.2021 to 07.06.2021, 121 co-residence agreements were registered at the […]

"Sedentary" weddings: only the bride and groom are allowed to dance

Against the background of the fourth wave and a sharp jump in the growth of the disease with the Delta strain, the government announced new measures. After a meeting of specialists in infectious diseases, the restrictions will be announced. According to, the decisions and statements of the Mitsotakis government, between which there is no […]

Weddings and receptions are canceled … because of the music!

A huge number of weddings and receptions were canceled, because due to the current quarantine measures in Greece, although the halls for special events were open, they are not allowed … musical accompaniment! This is due to the fact that according to the Joint Ministerial Decision, wedding receptions can be held as usual, but without […]

Nobody expected: Boris Johnson’s bride married in a second-hand dress

Carrie Symonds’ wedding dress has finally been returned and given back to where it was taken after a “secret wedding” with Boris Johnson on Saturday 29-05-21. Wedding outfit for rent? Nobody expected such obvious stinginess from such a famous person! However, the wife of the British Prime Minister, citing her “ecological thinking”, said it was […]

British Prime Minister’s Secret Wedding

Boris Johnson became the official husband of Carrie Symonds, the couple secretly married at Westminster Cathedral in the presence of a narrow circle of guests. The Sun reports that the ceremony, which took place today, was not announced and came as a surprise even for the prime minister’s close subordinates. Due to restrictions related to […]

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