May 30, 2024

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Gypsy wedding for 3,000 guests in Volos: why the prosecutor’s office intervened

A gypsy from Volos, a resident of Aliveri, who actively trades in the city’s street markets, organized a wedding for his 22-year-old daughter. In order to receive 3,000 guests, he “closed” the territory of the stadium Πανθεσσαλικού Σταδίου, but soon the celebration was interrupted by law enforcement officers.

According to, the gypsies followed their ritual and decided to publicly slaughter the lambs. Preparation began with the slaughter of animals. Roma managed to slaughter ten lambs. Local residents immediately reacted and filed an application with the Veterinary Administration and the Prosecutor’s Office. Thus, the public slaughter of animals, a nightmarish bloody spectacle, was stopped, and a criminal case was initiated into the fact.

In turn, representatives of the Roma community note that “they just wanted to have a wedding according to their traditions, as grandparents did.” “But we weren’t allowed to do it!” complains a relative of the 22-year-old bride.

The couple, who will be celebrating today in the Panthessalikos area, already have a newborn baby boy, and the guest at the wedding will be Zafeiris Melas, who will take over the feast.

Meanwhile, in Nea Ionia, the engagement of a young gypsy who was accused of kidnapping his underage girlfriend is being prepared last month. The couple will soon be engaged, and by the time the case is closed, the wedding has already taken place.

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