Lightning strike at a wedding

The lens of a photographer shooting a celebration captured rare footage.

Photos and videos from the wedding party show lightning flashing behind the groom’s father during the fiery dance. And this is not a photo montage, but quite real shots.

Fortunately, the discharge of heavenly electricity did not harm the man in any way, since the thunderstorm passed several kilometers from the place where the guests had gathered. They say it’s not a good omen. However, the wedding has already taken place, so, probably, everything will be fine with the bride and groom, as well as with their parents.

A video from a wedding party that took place at a gas station in the village of Trikala has gone viral on the internet. When the groom’s father danced zeibekiko, lightning cut the sky behind him.

According to SKAI, the footage was taken on Tuesday evening, June 28, when the area unprecedented natural disasters.

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