July 16, 2024

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Wedding of the century: 93-year-old tycoon married "young" Niarchos' mother-in-law, Elena Zhukova

Rupert Murdoch, the famous billionaire and mega-publisher, swore an oath of eternal love to Elena Zhukova, mother of Dasha Zhukova, ex-wife of Roman Abramocic and now wife of the younger Niarchos, in a glamorous wedding ceremony held at his luxurious California mansion.

The wedding event attracted many high-profile guests from business, the arts and media, reflecting the couple's wider social connections.


Elena Zhukova – mother Dasha Zhukova, Russian art collector, married to Stavros Niarchos.


Photos of the newlyweds after the ceremony were published in Murdoch's Sun newspaper. The billionaire, now 93, stepped down in November after 70 years at the helm of his company, which owns The Sun and Times newspapers in the UK and Fox News and the Wall Street Journal in the US.

Murdoch is 93 years old and this is his fifth marriage.

Zhukova is 67 years old and is a microbiologist by profession. In the 90s, she left Russia to work in this specialty in the USA. Her daughter from her first marriage, Daria, was Abramovich’s wife and bore him two children.

Murdoch and Zhukova met several months ago. The wedding took place on June 1 in California, according to The Sun, a Murdoch-owned newspaper.

He also manages such American media as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.


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