May 27, 2024

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The newlyweds’ wedding photo shoot at Syntagma went viral

The newlyweds had an unrivaled wedding photo shoot at Syntagma, photos of which went viral on the Internet.

She was special and, of course, attracted the attention of passersby. The bride and groom posed in front of Parliament and also in the square, as seen in the images provided. Smiling, with white balloons in their hands, and the groom at some point even amazed everyone by doing an acrobatic cartwheel and handstand.

People stopped to watch the spectacle, filming the whole event on their phones. The wedding photography took place on the afternoon of Monday, December 18th. Georgios and Monika were in wedding attire – the groom in a suit and the bride in a wedding dress. After getting married in the church, they decided to take a photo at Syntagma in front of the parliament building. The camera captured romantic moments that will be unforgettable for the newlyweds. The backdrop of a decorated and illuminated Christmas tree in the square added even more magic to the couple’s “sea of ​​happiness”.

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