Sociologists about what Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians think about the war

The results of a sociological study of the attitudes towards the war of citizens of three countries – Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians – were presented at the Warsaw University conference “Still without peace. Warsaw East European Conference”. Sociologists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus took part in the study. On July 2, they presented the results […]

101-year-old Nazi concentration camp guard gets 5 years in prison

The 9-month trial of a former guard at the Nazi concentration camp Sachsenhausen has ended. The 101-year-old man was sentenced to five years in prison. Justice was done after 77 years. Josef Schutz became the oldest Nazi criminal ever tried for complicity in war atrocities during World War II. This difficult process lasted nine months. […]

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the risks of involving third countries in the conflict in Ukraine

Sergey Lavrov believes that there is a real risk of third countries being involved in the military conflict in Ukraine, which the West is well aware of: “Such risks, of course, exist. What the Kyiv regime requires, and categorically, in a businesslike manner, from its Western patrons. Firstly, this goes beyond all the limits of […]

Bloomberg forecast: how the war in Ukraine will end

Bloomberg columnist Andreas Kluth suggested how the war in Ukraine could end, allowing for an option similar to Finland or Korea. Three months have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and hostilities have entered a new phase. Change requires all parties involved – Kyiv, the Kremlin and the West – to reconsider goals and […]

Turkish military analyst: "Greece is currently preparing for war with Turkey…"

The Turkish media are actively discussing the possibility of a Greco-Turkish war and the “defenselessness” of Istanbul, which has no air defense. Greek portal Capital says: “Comments and analyzes are being published that allegedly prove that Greece is planning an attack on Turkey. This time, the focus is on Istanbul and how undefended it is.” […]

Artifacts from the trenches

In the trenches of the Odessa region, from the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian soldiers began to discover ancient Greek amphoras dating back to the 5th or 4th century BC. The exact location of this find is not mentioned in the reports of the Ukrainian army. However, the soldiers said that they found fragments […]

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