Arrest for fake vaccination certificates and their use

Greek law enforcement officials reported three arrests. 3 people were detained for issuing and using fake vaccination certificates. As it became known yesterday, on Tuesday September 21, three persons, participants in illegal actions, were detained by the police of the internal affairs service. The Trinity is charged with “an episodic offense in the form of […]

Greek courts will require test results or vaccination certificates from everyone who comes to the meeting

From Thursday, Greek courts will require a certificate of vaccination against the coronavirus, a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 or a negative PCR test result from all court officials and members of the public in attendance, the Ministry of Justice said Wednesday. For members of the public, this document should be held by any person […]

Expert: all vaccination certificates will be checked

“Some people were alarmed by the government’s strict measures against fake vaccination certificates, and the phenomenon immediately diminished,” said Anna Mastoraku, president of the Medical Association. Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said on September 5 that a separate article in the criminal code was being prepared regarding false vaccinations. The reason for the legislative initiative was […]

Italy: certificate of vaccination will become mandatory from 2 September

In Italy, a “certificate of vaccination” will become a mandatory document from tomorrow, September 2, for admission to schools and universities, as well as for travel within the country – by train, plane and ship. At universities, the “pass” will be compulsory for students, while at schools this new measure will only apply to teaching, […]

"Epidemic" fake QR codes from Bulgaria

Fake vaccination certificates issued in Bulgaria have been found in large numbers in Greece. Fraudsters “catch” clients through social networks and sell them “leftist” certificates for 500 euros each. While experts warn of an impending new wave of pandemics in case the population is not vaccinated immediately, a black market for fake vaccination certificates is […]

Forgery and purchase of vaccination certificates and test results is punishable by law

The 31-year-old foreigner, arrested Tuesday afternoon in Eusoni, Kilkis, tried to enter Greece using a fake molecular test. During passport control, a woman, originally from Albania, was arrested, who presented to the inspectors and the police a negative PCR test for coronavirus, which, however, turned out to be fake. A case was brought against her, […]

When those who have been ill with covid will receive the appropriate certificate

Recently, attention has been focused on the benefits of vaccination, the benefits for vaccinated people and their obtaining a certificate (reference). However, those who have had the disease and were therefore not vaccinated wonder if they will receive any kind of supporting document or certificate. Since at least 6 months must elapse from infection to […]

Covid19 Digital Certificate: A Comprehensive Guide – Eight Questions and Answers

An important step for the gradual transition to the post-Covid era was the introduction of European digital certificate Covid, which was officially presented today in Athens in the presence of the Prime Minister of Greece and President of the European Council Charles Michel. The digital certificate confirms that the citizen has either been vaccinated against […]

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