July 15, 2024

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Forgery and purchase of vaccination certificates and test results is punishable by law

The 31-year-old foreigner, arrested Tuesday afternoon in Eusoni, Kilkis, tried to enter Greece using a fake molecular test.

During passport control, a woman, originally from Albania, was arrested, who presented to the inspectors and the police a negative PCR test for coronavirus, which, however, turned out to be fake.

A case was brought against her, which led to the prosecutor, and the fake test was confiscated.

In Russia, there is an active sale of “leftist” certificates of vaccination and tests. Scammers are behind this. In some cases, you transfer the amount, and you are blocked, i.e. you will simply lose the transferred money (about 600 rubles), and in others – up to 20,000 rubles, you will be presented with a certificate of vaccination and even with the entry into the register of vaccinated (which, of course, will be revealed upon closer inspection).

Those who “sell” fake certificates in Russia can get 2 years in prison, and those who buy – 1 year, as reported in the program “Man and Law”.

In this case, vaccination is free of charge.

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