"Epidemic" fake QR codes from Bulgaria

Fake vaccination certificates issued in Bulgaria have been found in large numbers in Greece.

Fraudsters “catch” clients through social networks and sell them “leftist” certificates for 500 euros each. While experts warn of an impending new wave of pandemics in case the population is not vaccinated immediately, a black market for fake vaccination certificates is thriving in Greece.

For the first time this became known in the city of Volos, where at least 20 citizens were found to have fake vaccination certificates. According to taxydromos.gr, they are received through Bulgaria, where various doctors do not hesitate to sign fake documents in order to row money “easy”, ignoring the consequences that a “disservice” could have.

They say that Bulgarian doctors are key players in this scam, since the certificate they issue in the EU countries has the same validity. The experts “catch” clients mainly from social networks, where various users widely publicize their views against vaccination. After convincing them that they can get the desired “passport” of freedom (QR code), they receive a substantial amount, and then give out a fake.

The scammers issued a certificate of a Johnson & Johnson vaccine allegedly made to the patient.
According to what has become known so far, the vaccine preferred by the criminals signing and issuing the document is Johnson & Johnson. According to them, it is the only vaccine that is not found in the blood if it is tested medically. And it will be difficult to prove whether someone actually got the vaccine.

The authorities estimate this phenomenon will become more pronounced over time, as with the help of high-quality software and printers, fraudsters will be able to create documents that are difficult to detect.

We will remind, a few days ago in the travel agency of Athens found foreigners who had fake molecular tests for coronavirus. The incident particularly alarmed the police, who are investigating the source of the forgery, as there is a risk that thousands of fake negative tests will be found in citizens who could be infected and spread the virus.

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