"Green pass", "Freedom Map" and other side effects of vaccination

Digital Government Secretary General Leonidas Christopoulos spoke about the Green Pass, the prepaid Freedom Card and the vaccination process.

Speaking on Greek TV on the Morning Group program, Mr. Christopoulos stated: “We are ready for the official launch of the digital certificate, which we have been issuing for several days, and 85,000 citizens received it through KEP (Public Service Center) ”.

Answering the question about the prepaid “Freedom Pass”, Mr. Christopoulos stressed that this is an incentive for the Greek state and many thanks to the young people who have gone through hard isolation for their patience.

“The government responded to all accusations”
“The government responded to all the accusations and supported every sector of the economy in this difficult situation in which they found themselves. “In this age group, the traditional policy of the state is motivation to achieve national goals. At this stage, the goal is to increase the number of vaccinations, ”the expert noted.

He described the Freedom Card as an action that empowers young people to do many things from a wide range. Answering the question: “Wouldn’t it be better to take more targeted action?”, He noted that there have already been about 20,000 new vaccine registrations in the 18-25 age group since the beginning of the week.

“Over the past few days, we have counted 120,000 appointments. This incentive has achieved its goal and characterizes the dynamics required from the point of view of tourism, ”said Mr. Christopoulos.

Regarding the production of foreign films, which are planned to be shot in Greece and the number of which has increased significantly, Mr. Leonidas Christopoulos explains that this is due to the fact that the legal framework and incentives for the film industry have significantly improved in the country.

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