Attica: more than 20,000 fines in May for parking on sidewalks and places for the disabled

According to the report for May this year, the traffic police confirmed 22,626 violations and made 71 arrests in Attica. According to the authorities, 1,058 misdemeanors were confirmed, 15,654 administrative fines (not including parking) and 5,238 administrative fines for parking were collected, as well as 676 violations related to the freedom of movement of persons […]

There is progress: "Total" 300 passes for "Red light" traffic lights in one day compared to 800 before

The Governor of Attica, Georgios Patoulis, made an impressive statement about the observance of traffic rules by drivers in Attica. After the installation of a new system of registration of offenses on the waterfront of the Athenian Riviera, 250-300 violations of the red traffic light per day were recorded at one of the traffic lights. […]

"Finished the game": the police will punish adrenaline-loving teenagers, and at the same time their parents

In Volos, 15-year-old teenagers were detained, who had fun by running across the street “under the nose” of the car. Their fathers were also in handcuffs. According to ethnos.grthe police handcuffed three 15-year-olds in Volos for dangerous acts, traffic violations (concerning pedestrians). В частности несовершеннолетние были обнаружены сотрудниками полиции Управления по предотвращению дорожно-транспортных происшествий (Ομάδας […]

New deadly "fad": children throw themselves under the wheels of a car

Children have invented a new dangerous game to test the endurance and reaction of drivers in Volos. As soon as it gets dark, teenagers throw themselves under the wheels of a passing car, creating a high risk of an accident, according to the Mega channel. Vassilis Kallias, driving instructor, talks about his personal “adventure”, unwitting […]