June 21, 2024

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The cheapest organized beaches of Attica, marked with the Blue Flag

The start of the summer season is approaching, and the well-maintained beaches of Attica are preparing to welcome their visitors.

And although unorganized beaches have their charm, for some, swimming in the sea is aimed at relaxation, and not at “seeking adventure.” If you belong to the category of swimmers who prefer comfort, then the best option is to find an inexpensive but organized beach (with umbrellas, sun loungers, bars and all the necessary amenities) to have a good time.

Certainly you don’t have to spend three days’ salary on a sunbed and two coffees, after all, even today there are more economical alternatives to Asteras beach, the most expensive in Athens. Below are the cheapest beaches “with all amenities” marked with the Blue Flag.

1. EverEden Beach

Among the first beach bars to open in 2024 is Eden Beach, which recently opened its doors on April 26th. It is located next to the luxurious Anavissos Hotel, which has interesting architecture. The beach has fine sand and some gravel, and the sun loungers are some of the most comfortable in Attica. The on-site cocktail bar and beach restaurant give the beach a more cosmopolitan feel, and the crystal clear water is simply amazing.

Prices: Although there is no entry fee, prices for sun loungers, a set (2 sun loungers and 1 umbrella), on weekends start from 20 euros. For those who have time to relax on weekdays, the price is significantly lower – 6 euros.

2. Awlaki Porto Rafti

One of the most economical, but at the same time beautiful, organized beach options is Awlaki, with its blue waters, fine sand and an abundance of food and drinks. It is located just 50 kilometers from the center of Athens. This particular beach has not yet opened, but it is expected that it will be possible to visit it in early May.

Prices: Until last year, the entrance fee (including sunbed) per person was 5 euros on weekdays and 7 euros on weekends and holidays. We hope that prices will remain at the same level. All bar purchases are subject to an additional charge.

3. Vouliagmeni Beach
The sandy beach of Vouliagmeni offers everything from water sports to massages, as well as a specially equipped beach volleyball court. The good news is that this beach is open all year round.

Prices: Until May 31, a ticket costs 5 euros, but from June 1, a regular ticket costs 10 euros per visitor, without additional payment for sun loungers and umbrellas (if you can find them during peak hours). A discounted and special ticket costing 5 euros is available for certain categories of visitors (students, children, people over 65 years of age, accompanying persons with disabilities, unemployed people, groups of 14 people or more, citizens of the municipality of Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni).

People with special needs, with a disability of more than 67% (upon presentation of an appropriate ID), children under 5 years of age, as well as accompanying groups (one person free for 14 people) are admitted free of charge.


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