Miraculously survived: 13-year-old girl fell from the 6th floor

In the Athens metropolitan area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKolonaki, a girl fell from the sixth floor of an apartment building. The victim was urgently taken to the Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital, where she was immediately intubated. Doctors are tirelessly fighting for her life. The child was admitted with multiple fractures to the neurosurgical department. The girl did […]

Tragedy in Thessaloniki: suicide and arson of an apartment

The 81-year-old man who committed suicide and started a fire in his apartment in Thessaloniki is believed to have had serious psychological problems. On Monday morning, July 5, the tragedy became known. An elderly man made the decision to commit suicide and at the same time set fire to his apartment. As it turned out, […]

Spain: renowned programmer John McAfee found dead in prison

Antivirus software developer, McAfee creator controversial John McAfee was found dead in a cell in Barcelona’s San Esteve Sesrovires prison. The businessman’s body was found several hours after the announcement of the court’s decision on his extradition to the United States. There the programmer is accused of hiding real estate and tax evasion for several […]

Details of the double murder in Kerkyra

The double murder, committed Sunday morning by a 67-year-old criminal who shot and killed the owner of a neighboring house and her partner, caused a storm of indignation in the local community of Corfu (Kerkyra). The perpetrator, according to the available information, summoned his victims to the scene of the murder because of a disagreement, […]

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