“Collective swim” in the Thermaic Gulf (video)

A tourist on the beach in Thessaloniki swam surrounded by dead mice. Where are they in the sea? Residents of the northern capital of Greece witnessed a disgusting sight – dead mice swam in the waters of the Thermaikos Gulf. However, this did not scare the male tourist – he carelessly enjoyed the coolness of […]

Marius – lover of purple jellyfish (video)

The male sea turtle Marios from the island of Naxos has become a celebrity because of his love for brown (purple, violet) jellyfish. Dominance this year brown jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) in the Aegean Sea has become a real headache for the Greek authorities, residents of the country and numerous tourists. Sea turtle caretta carretta named […]

A ship carrying 16,000 sheep sank off the Red Sea

16 thousand sheep drowned in the port of Sudan, the authorities have already announced a serious environmental threat to the Red Sea. The TV channel reported the incident. Sky News Arabiaspecifying that the ship’s crew escaped: “The ship BADR 1, which was loaded with 15,800 sheep for shipment to Saudi Arabia, sank near the pier.” […]

A rare phenomenon in the Attica Sea: underwater dunes

Undercurrents and shallow waters created small hills of sand in the sea, the so-called “dunes”, which took the form of “frozen” waves. No matter how much the sea sways above them, these amazing “waves” remain motionless, like a step staircase made of the purest white sand, which gives the water a wonderful turquoise color. This […]