Beware: volunteer scammers

Athens News warns that among the volunteers collecting money, food, clothes and other things for Ukraine, may be scammers or people who have previously been noted for deception and even served time for fraud. In particular, on the island of Zakynthos, Galina Genovese (she is Alinaaka Galina Belaya). scammer, which is well known in the […]

Attiki Odos: "On someone else’s loaf…"

To get 2,000 euros from the government, some enterprising “smarts” are trying to place vehicles on the Attiki Odos. But DIAS is on guard. According to the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection, the promised compensation of 2,000 euros, which is going to be paid to drivers after the suffering experienced at Attiki Odos, has attracted the […]

Deceived deceivers: anti-axers injected with a real vaccine instead of saline

The German edition of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung has published an article by the famous philosopher Slavoj ižek “Deceived Swindlers” about an incident in Greece. He talks about vaccine opponents who were given the usual vaccine for 400 euros: “A few weeks ago, the Greek media reported that a case involving 100,000 deniers and between […]

Two gypsies arrested for elderly cheating

Two Roma, aged 37 and 38, are accused of 35 cases of fraud and arrested by employees of the Property Protection Department. According to the Greek police, the victims were mostly elderly people who were contacted outside banks or shopping centers, sometimes pretending to be accountants and sometimes as tax officials. Having a portable POS […]

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