Mykonos: "paradise" for thieves and robbers

On Mykonos, not only inadequate prices can empty the wallets of vacationers, but also numerous criminals who flock here in the season like flies for honey. The two young Italians, now in custody, have been stealing wallets and valuables from tourists in and out of beach bars. Their last victim was a businessman from Thessaloniki, […]

Elderly people are again victims of scammers

In Trikala, scammers managed to “extract” more than 15 thousand euros from an elderly couple, posing as employees ΔΕΗ. According to information trikalavoice, on Tuesday 2 August, there was a knock at the door of a house in the village of Pili municipality in Trikala. Fraudsters, posing as ΔΕΗ employees, convinced an elderly couple living […]

EL.AΣ. warning: beware of scammers

For another deception of citizens, warns EL.AΣ., the criminals use the data of the Secretary General for Public Order Konstantinos Tsouvalos. The email scam is that a citizen receives letterissued “by all the rules”, with the image of the (fake) Greek flag and logos of the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection and the Greek Police. EL.AS […]

Deceived with online payments for 1.5 million euros

The profit of a criminal organization, whose members have already been arrested in a police operationcontinuing from this morning in Corinth and Boeotia, exceeds 1.5 million euros. According to information cathimerini.grmembers of the organization engaged in fraud through the Internet, and among the victims are doctors and hotel owners. According to informed sources, members of […]

Beware: volunteer scammers

Athens News warns that among the volunteers collecting money, food, clothes and other things for Ukraine, may be scammers or people who have previously been noted for deception and even served time for fraud. In particular, on the island of Zakynthos, Galina Genovese (she is Alinaaka Galina Belaya). scammer, which is well known in the […]

Attiki Odos: "On someone else’s loaf…"

To get 2,000 euros from the government, some enterprising “smarts” are trying to place vehicles on the Attiki Odos. But DIAS is on guard. According to the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection, the promised compensation of 2,000 euros, which is going to be paid to drivers after the suffering experienced at Attiki Odos, has attracted the […]