July 16, 2024

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Athens: 100 piano concerts in public and private places May 16-20

Piano City Athens: 100 piano concerts in public and private spaces, special events and house concerts will take place in the Greek capital Athens from 16 to 20 May 2024.

This is the second piano festival of its kind in Athens and admission is free. According to the organizers, Robin4arts, following its first festival in May 2023, the beloved street festival is returning for a second year! Having inspired thousands of people in Berlin, New York, Milan and other metropolises, Piano City® has become an institution in Athens.

The Festival for Athens is, from the very beginning, organized “with” and “with” the city through an innovative process involving institutions, artists, clubs, networks and partners. At Piano City Athens, music does not wait for the public, but is distributed in squares, in people's homes and in unconventional spaces. The sounds of the piano spread and change the entire cityscape.

Piano City Athens uses the piano to bring people of all classes and interests together, using music on a very personal level.


What will happen at Piano City Athens:

  1. 100 piano concertos
  2. Free concerts in public and private places – at the airport, in parks, museums, squares, music schools and in the most unexpected places.
  3. Special Events – You must purchase a ticket to attend.
  4. Home concerts – virtuosos and piano lovers will open their homes and hearts to a wide audience.
  5. The spectacular event is held in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the German Embassy in Greece.

Details of the program on the official website pianocityathens.gr in Greek and English.

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