June 22, 2024

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“Nobody contacted me for three years,” says a 35-year-old man who developed two blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine

A 35-year-old man who suffered two thromboses after vaccination against coronavirus with the company’s drug AstraZenecafiled a lawsuit against the company and the Greek state.

Let us recall that AstraZeneca is in the process of recalling its vaccine. The official reason is an excess of updated vaccines. The Swedish-British company filed a recall on March 5, which came into effect yesterday, Tuesday (05/07/2024). As stated, the vaccine will no longer be sold in Europe.

“A lawsuit has been filed against the company Astrazeneca and the Greek government. The vaccine caused two thromboses in me: one in the left lower limb, in the central artery, and the second in the left carotid artery,” said Alexander Metaxakis. – The Astrazeneca vaccine was administered to me on April 25, 2021. On May 10, it will be three years since the first thrombosis, which occurred approximately 15 days after vaccination.”.

According to him, “The claims filed by him have not yet been examined, since two extensions were granted, which the Greek state requested, since the folder with documents has not yet been filed. It is assumed that they did not have time to collect all the documents that I collected to file the claim.”

“For three years now, not a single person from the government and the Greek state has been able to pick up the phone, call me and ask: “Are you okay, are you okay? Have you overcome your problem?” – Metaxakis commented.

To treat two blood clots, Mr. Metaxakis was hospitalized and underwent two hours-long surgeries. He was then put on anticoagulants, which he said caused problems with his left kidney, resulting in him spending a further 13 days in hospital. “My health is fine now. I am undergoing formal checks, but everything is going well,” – he emphasized, noting that his claim requires compensation for moral and physical damage.

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