Burglars caught burglary of homes throughout Attica

Greek law enforcement officials released the identities and photographs of seven local residents, members of a criminal organization, who systematically committed burglaries in homes located in various parts of Attica. Information about the identity of the criminals was announced after the relevant decision of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office. The group of robbers was liquidated on […]

The policeman leased the walkie-talkie to the robbers

The policeman rented a radio station SEPURA for 2,000 euros a month to an intermediary, and that for 3,000 euros to two Roma so that they could monitor police conversations and safely engage in robberies. This unprecedented case was uncovered by the Greek Police Internal Investigation Service after an investigation began that unidentified persons were […]

The robber was arrested for using firearms during theft in shops

A 35-year-old man was arrested in Acharnes for robbing shops in Attica with his accomplice using firearms. The Attica Police Department has arrested a 35-year-old citizen who is accused of a series of armed robberies and thefts, as well as violation of the law on weapons and drugs. His accomplice is on the wanted list. […]

Thief caught stealing from safe deposit boxes

Police arrested a 58-year-old man suspected of stealing from bank vault cells in Psychiko. Authorities handcuffed one of the four main suspects in the much-talked-about ‘breaking into bank cells’ case. After several months of thorough investigation, police officers managed to unravel the tangle of the “mysterious disappearance” of gold and family jewelry from the bank’s […]

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