June 9, 2023

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Greek husband and his Russian wife suffered from the actions of robbers in Paleo Faliro

Unknown perpetrators broke into the apartment of an elderly couple, an 84-year-old Greek and his 60-year-old Russian wife, in the Athens district of Paleo Faliro at dawn today.

The owner of the apartment suddenly saw robbers in front of him, who threatened to beat him to death if he did not give up all the money and jewelry in the house.

After immobilizing the man and his Russian wife, putting a gag in them to avoid noise, the criminals carefully searched the apartment in search of profit. Having found what they were looking for, the robbers retreated, leaving the spouses bound and gagged.

When they managed to free themselves, they called an immediate response team. However, despite the search, the police have not yet managed to get on the trail of the robbers.

The shocked victims tried to describe them, and the police said that they were probably criminals who had already carried out similar robberies in Paleo Faliro. The investigation and search for criminals continues, writes CNN Greece.

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