Ukrainian family in Athens robbed of a million euros

On Wednesday morning (10.26) in the Athens suburb of Varkiza, a burglary with large booty of thieves occurred, the victim of which was a wealthy Ukrainian family. The attackers managed to take possession of jewelry and cash worth more than one million euros. It all happened at 9:30 am on a Wednesday. The victim was […]

Gang "Polytechnic": details. Part 1

The 30-year-old Albanian, who was injured during yesterday’s police operation at the Polytechnic, was the leader of a gang that bullied all of Athens, considered himself the “master of the campus”, participated in the kidnapping of the son of a journalist and avoided arrest 2 times thanks to his mistress, a police officer. Two brothers […]

ΕΛΤΑ employee arrested for "staged" robbery

A cunning postal worker wanted to justify embezzlement of almost 20,000 euros, but his plan was exposed. A ΕΛΤΑ employee was arrested because, according to police, he falsely claimed that two unidentified men took 20,000 euros from him at gunpoint, the amount he embezzled from the post office where he worked. According to police, on […]