The robbers enriched themselves by 120,000 euros

Law enforcement agencies in Greece have discovered a large criminal organization, whose members “ransacked” houses from Epirus to Crete. Their production amounted to more than 120,000 euros. Thieves, under the pretext of sometimes begging, and sometimes the sale of small things, identified empty apartments, entered them and took out everything cleanly. The extraction of the […]

Two gypsies arrested for elderly cheating

Two Roma, aged 37 and 38, are accused of 35 cases of fraud and arrested by employees of the Property Protection Department. According to the Greek police, the victims were mostly elderly people who were contacted outside banks or shopping centers, sometimes pretending to be accountants and sometimes as tax officials. Having a portable POS […]

A gang arrested in Thessaloniki, whose members opened 29 cars overnight

The arrest of three gang members who committed burglary of cars in Thessaloniki was carried out by Greek law enforcement agencies. Police officers from the city’s crime control department began the organized arrest of gang members involved in a series of car burglaries yesterday, Sunday 31 October, following information from the Emergency Response Center. Three […]

Armed robbery of a bank in the center of Athens

At noon on Tuesday 14 September, an armed bank robbery took place in the center of Athens. According to the information received by the editorial office, the criminals were armed with automatic weapons. It is known that one of the two criminals threatened with a pistol to intimidate bank employees. According to the first information, […]

Teenage robbers detained in Megara

Two teenagers aged 16 and 17 were charged with a series of robberies in the city of Megara in western Attica. The teenagers were arrested last week while investigating a series of robberies that took place from early July to late August, police said Monday. It is reported that they were involved in at least […]