Notable resident of Mykonos "hammered" their property to get drugs

The well-known Mykonian, who retired some time ago, came to the attention of the Mykonos Port Authority Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office when he returned to the Island of the Winds “loaded” with illegal addictive substances. The heroin, cannabis and methadone that he got in the center of Athens, he was “carrying home”, but was arrested yesterday […]

Tornado and bad weather abruptly cut off revelry in Mykonos

Bad weather “struck” Mykonos. Endless streams of water and even tornadoes were observed by the guests and residents of the Island of the Winds, surprised by the rampant bad weather in the very “heart of summer”, in August. As the shocking footage of the “open skies” shows, weather cataclysms have dramatically disrupted the usual wild […]

Mykonos: the bill is like a “slap” to tourists

Complaints of dissatisfied tourists who visited the island of the Winds grow and multiply. Exorbitant prices, unacceptable service and bill scams have become the main topic of discussion in the foreign media, which has made tourists disgusted with Mykonos and put it in the category of unacceptable vacation options. While the country suffers from inflation […]

Mykonos: the dazzling “Greek Goddess” in Psarou

The 85-meter yacht “O’ptasia” moored off the coast of Mykonos (Psarou beach) and made an indelible impression on mere mortals. The luxury megayacht, built in Greece in 2018 and a year later graced the cover of the authoritative Boat International magazine called “Greek Goddess” (“η Ελληνίδα θέα”), is available for rent for only 800,000 euros […]

"Burning money"… really

The provocative gesture of the 18-year-old Moroccan prince outraged the public: he burned a 500-euro banknote in Mykonos for fun. A young man, born a prince and raised without any sense of reality, burns through an unspecified amount of “family income” in one night just to “have a good time with friends in Mykonos”. This […]

Mykonos is again under the gun of the tax authorities

The auditors of the Independent State Revenue Administration increased their visits to shops (catering establishments) in tourist areas for the purpose of checking. And, apparently, the catch turned out to be considerable! As you know, first of all they check whether checks are issued to customers (an indispensable obligation provided by law). Secondly, their authenticity […]

Robbery in Mykonos: 800,000 euros worth of money, jewelry and clothes were stolen from the villa of a Greek-Egyptian

Criminals in Mykonos “are on the alert” because the “hunting season” for moneybags is in full swing. Again on hearing another robbery. The extraction amounted to about 800,000 euros. The crime took place in Mykonos on 11 July. A week ago, two unidentified men entered a villa in the Agrari area through an open balcony […]

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