June 25, 2024

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Mykonos: police officers were paid 12 euros per hour to guard private villas

Three police officers provided security for private villas in Mykonos even during their working hours, when they were supposed to be at the police station.

The breach was revealed by an investigation by the Department of Internal Affairs, which followed them for at least three months. Three district police officers (αστυφύλακας) were hired as security guards for the villa and paid 12 euros per hour.

Offenders who were sent to Mykonos to work during the tourist season (with probation) were arrested this morning in Athens and Mykonos. With regard to 1 more official, as a result of monitoring him, it turned out that he did the same job (private security guard) and, moreover, was recorded in the case file, in which “corrupt” police officers appear.

According to police sources, the defendants offered security services to private individuals in violation of their duties for a fee of 10-12 euros per hour.

As it became known, as a result of surveillance, evidence and telephone conversations were discovered that “burned” all the “unfortunate policemen”. In particular, as indicated by the internal affairs authorities, it turned out that the deputy chief of police and two arrested newcomers sent to the island had been guarding private houses on the island for the past three months, having certain roles and shifts. Moreover, in some cases, their work coincided with a shift at the villa. Thus, they received illegal financial benefits.

During the investigations carried out, 1,700 euros and 50 tablets of a certain active substance were found and confiscated from them. According to police sources, these are anabolic steroids used by one of them, so the case filed against them concerns: malfeasance; legislation regulating the work of private companies providing security services; legislation on amateur and professional sports. The investigation is ongoing.

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