May 18, 2024

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The Mitsotakis government has agreed to invite 40,000 foreigners from six countries to work in Greece.

The Mitsotakis government has entered into agreements for the arrival of 40,000 foreign workers to work in the tourism, agricultural and construction sectors, where there are labor shortages. They will come from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova (in Europe), India, Philippines and Vietnam from Asia!

The first agreement with India is expected to be signed in March and will soon go to parliament for ratification. While Greek citizens are unemployed, the government invites foreign workers from these countries to reduce wages for those who work. After all, if foreigners work instead of Greeks, they will work for less money.

“We believe that we will soon be able to move towards signing an agreement on immigrant mobility that will allow more Indian workers to come to Greece in an organized manner,” – said the Prime Minister during the Greek-Indian business forum “Study of Economic Cooperation between Greece and India: Future Prospects”announcing that an immigration agreement would soon be reached between the two countries.

Indeed, the Greek-Indian migration agreement will be signed in March and will soon go to the Greek parliament for ratification. The agreement with India is just part of the government’s broader plan, which includes agreements with six countries and has the ultimate goal of attracting some 40,000 citizens of these countries to “meeting the country’s constant labor needs.”

They will work in agriculture, tourism and construction, where there is a labor shortage. Of course it is “half-truth”. It is well known that, for example, in the tourism sector, young Greeks do not go to work on the islands because they are offered low wages and miserable living conditions. Therefore, they will leave for other countries where they are offered decent pay and living conditions, and residents of Asia and Africa will come instead.

A completely worthy policy of population replacement for those who, in their election promises, spoke about the demographic problems of Greece and promised to do everything possible to correct the situation. And they “didn’t lie”, the demographic situation will indeed be corrected… at the expense of residents of other countries…

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