The Pentagon recognizes the death of 10 people in Kabul in a car bombing as a monstrous mistake

Just before the withdrawal of the American army from Afghanistan, the military activated a drone strike on a car, according to their assumption, filled with explosives. As it turned out, it was a monstrous miscalculation. US military officials admitted they made a mistake in trying to prevent a terrorist attack at Kabul airport. As a […]

New explosion in Kabul

Three injured and one dead child are the result of an explosion near the Kabul airport today, reports Al-Jazeera TV channel. According to preliminary information, there was a missile attack on a house located near the capital’s airport. Eyewitnesses told Reuters they heard the explosion. A RIA Novosti source from the police department in Kabul […]

The United States warns of the threat of a new terrorist attack in the coming hours

The US embassy in Kabul has called on US citizens to immediately leave the Kabul airport zone due to a possible new terrorist attack, because of a “specific and credible threat.” RIA Novosti news agency quotes the diplomatic mission statement: “Given a specific and credible threat, all US citizens in the vicinity of the Kabul […]

A series of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan: 103 people were killed, more than 1,300 were injured in the bombings in Kabul (to be supplemented)

Among those killed yesterday from the explosions in Kabul, 90 Afghan citizens and 13 US military personnel, 1338 people were injured, The Wall Street Journal reports today, citing a source in the Ministry of Health. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the terrorist act. As our publication wrote, earlier the UK, USA and Australia called […]

The chaos at Kabul airport continues. 7 dead. Hard video frames

7 people were killed while trying to enter the Kabul airport. The situation there is chaotic, with desperate citizens risking their lives trying to leave the Taliban-held country. Some remain lifeless on the road to freedom, trampled by the crowd. Seven people were trampled to death, according to the United Kingdom Department of Defense, which […]

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