The United States warns of the threat of a new terrorist attack in the coming hours

The US embassy in Kabul has called on US citizens to immediately leave the Kabul airport zone due to a possible new terrorist attack, because of a “specific and credible threat.”

RIA Novosti news agency quotes the diplomatic mission statement:

“Given a specific and credible threat, all US citizens in the vicinity of the Kabul airport, including the south gate, the new interior ministry and the gate near the Panger gas station on the northwest side of the airport, must leave the airport area immediately.”

Three days ago, on Thursday, a suicide bomber used an explosive device at a checkpoint at the Kabul airport; on August 26, 2 explosions were made. The first thundered at the northern entrance to the airport, where there were many Afghan citizens who did not lose hope of leaving the country occupied by the Taliban. The media report the involvement of an IS suicide bomber in him. A little later, near the Baron Hotel, in the immediate vicinity of the airport, a car bomb was blown up. This was the place where British and American military personnel gathered. This was followed by a third explosion. By evening, 2 more controlled explosions thundered in Kabul, the reason for which the new government of the Afghan capital called the destruction of its equipment of the US Armed Forces.

As a result series of terrorist attacks killed 13 US military and up to 200 Afghan citizens. Yesterday Joe Biden announced a high likelihood of new terrorist attacks at the airport in the next 24-36 hours.

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