The Pentagon recognizes the death of 10 people in Kabul in a car bombing as a monstrous mistake

Just before the withdrawal of the American army from Afghanistan, the military activated a drone strike on a car, according to their assumption, filled with explosives. As it turned out, it was a monstrous miscalculation.

US military officials admitted they made a mistake in trying to prevent a terrorist attack at Kabul airport. As a result airstrike on a car, where the suicide bombers were believed to have been, killed 10 people, including 7 children, according to CBS News.

A few days after large-scale attack on Kabul airport, as a result of which American soldiers were killed, the Pentagon announced the prevention of another terrorist attack. US drones destroyed a car allegedly filled with explosives. Today, Frank Mackenzie, a general in the United States Marine Corps, admitted that things were a little different. Details are reported CBS News correspondent David Martin.

Frank Mackenzie, the combined-arms leader of the evacuation from the Afghan capital, admitted the mistake. This happened a few days after the death of 13 American soldiers. American intelligence has warned that the ISIS-K terrorist group is preparing a new attack. Today, the general considers it unlikely that the car and the victims were related to ISIS-K and posed a threat to the US military.

The white Toyota belonged to a charitable organization and was driven by Zamari Ahmadi, one of its employees. Six drones watched a car moving around the Afghan capital for eight hours. Stopping again, the men following in it loaded something into the trunk. This “something” was mistaken for explosives. The final stop of the Toyota was a fenced-in area three miles from the airport. And that was the deciding factor.

Fearing that a car filled with explosives could reach the airport within a few minutes, the military decided to destroy it. The explosion that followed after the impact initially confirmed the military’s assumptions about explosives, but it turned out that a nearby propane tank had exploded. And video surveillance footage showed that there were bottles of water in the trunk, which Zamari was taking home due to the inoperative water supply.

CBS News correspondent David Martin says McKenzie said the team that struck was sincerely confident that it was preventing a terrorist attack. Now they are under investigation, which will determine whether anyone should be punished.

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