The chaos at Kabul airport continues. 7 dead. Hard video frames

7 people were killed while trying to enter the Kabul airport. The situation there is chaotic, with desperate citizens risking their lives trying to leave the Taliban-held country. Some remain lifeless on the road to freedom, trampled by the crowd.

Seven people were trampled to death, according to the United Kingdom Department of Defense, which is reported by Sky News. The statement reads:

“Conditions on the ground remain extremely difficult, but we are doing everything we can to manage the situation as safely as possible.”

British troops are trying in incredible conditions to get the wounded out of the crowd and move them to doctors for help if they are still alive. The deceased, as can be seen in hard video footage, are covered with white sheets.

The US government has warned its country’s airlines that they may receive an order to help transport people in a hurry to evacuate from Afghanistan, Reuters reports, citing two official sources. On condition of anonymity, they said that on Friday, the companies were sent a “notice of order”, but at the official level about the use of crews and aircraft is still being discussed.

According to The Wall Street Journal, citing a US government official, civil aircraft will not be ordered to enter Afghan airspace. They will probably be needed to pick up people brought to US airbases in various places – in the Middle East or in Germany.

Earlier, our publication reported that after the rapid entry of the Taliban into Kabul, thousands of local residents rushed to the airport, hoping to leave the country on one of the planes of Western countries evacuating their citizens. A video was posted in which hundreds of people run next to a moving American plane and try to somehow gain a foothold on it. After the plane gained altitude, two people fell to the ground… The remains of another were found after landing in Qatar, in the chassis, which was confirmed by the US Air Force. The Afghan family identified one of the dead as their 17 year old son… The second was a 19-year-old footballer.

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