Criminals evacuated from Kabul ended up in Germany

Among the citizens who were evacuated from Kabul with such difficulty in Germany were the alleged criminals. The authorities described them as “carrying a potential security threat.”

This was reported on Friday at the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The aircraft of the Bundeswehr, after the seizure of Afghanistan by the radical Islamist Taliban movement, were called upon to evacuate NATO and EU employees, human rights activists and journalists in need of the protection of citizens. However, according to the department, potential criminals probably arrived in the country in the same way.

According to Horst Seehofer, the head of the German Interior Ministry, it is already known about 20 of them, which “due to the fact that they were not checked in Kabul, ended up in Germany.” Among them are people convicted of violence and convicted of forging documents. Four have already been previously deported from Germany, and several have appeared on the lists of the German Center for Combating Terrorism, DPA reports.

Steve Alter, a spokesman for the German Interior Ministry, says that two offenders were taken to the penitentiary on the basis of issued arrest warrants. Two more are currently under the supervision of the authorities.

The Interior Minister notes that the criminals managed to use the air bridge to Germany because of the “emergency” that reigns in the chaos at the Kabul airport:

“Some of them completely forged documents, from A to Z. And no one had complete control over the situation.”

According to the internal political department, 4,587 people were evacuated from Afghanistan to Germany: 3,849 Afghans and 403 German citizens. Among those in need were citizens of other states, and NATO allies also exported German citizens.

Meanwhile, the United States is also reporting suspicions about the evacuees. According to NBC, 10,000 of the 30,000 evacuated Afghans required additional checks. The channel’s sources say Washington suspects at least 100 people of ties to the Taliban and terrorist groups. The special services have already managed to expel two suspects to Kosovo.
More than 122,000 civilians have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power, according to US figures.

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