Who fell from an American plane in Kabul

These footage went around the whole world and shocked it – 3 people fell from a plane flying at a high altitude. The Afghan family identified one of the dead as their 17-year-old son.

A teenager caught on the landing gear of an airliner as it took off, thus leaving his home country occupied by the Taliban. A relative of his family says:

“His arms and legs were missing. I brought him alone. “

But this is not all the trials that befell the Afghan family. On Monday, without saying anything to their parents, 2 brothers, 17 and 16 years old, left the house, taking only identification documents with them. Parents know nothing about the fate of their second son. They fear that he could have met the same fate, and the teenager is no longer alive, Vice News reported.

The parents say that the brothers’ departure from home was preceded by talks that 20 thousand people would be transported to Canada or the United States:

“Without saying anything to anyone at home, he took his identity card and drove to the airport. Children were among those who tried to catch a moving plane, wanted to climb on it. We found the body of one of them, and there is still nothing about the other. We hope to find him dead or alive so the family can calm down. “

One of the relatives says: “His mother is devastated, she passes out every three hours or so.”

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