Russia expands cooperation with Iran

Following the drones, Iran will supply spare parts and equipment for aviation to Russia. The Persians will organize the maintenance of the air fleet of Western aircraft. Don’t ask where Iran’s aviation industry comes from, but old American planes, both passenger and, by the way, military, still fly there. Iran will also supply auto parts […]

Putin arrived in Iran: Meetings with Raisi and Erdogan

The Russian President has arrived in Tehran. There he held talks with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi, as well as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The announced topics of discussion are the situation in Syria, grain exports, and bilateral cooperation. Russia and Iran have tried to demonstrate that their positions […]

Washington Post: Iran prepares to supply Russia with hundreds of drones, including attack drones

Tehran is preparing to supply several hundred drones to Moscow and train the Russian military in their use. The American newspaper The Washington Post writes about this, referring to the words of US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, told to reporters at a briefing. The senior official noted the White House’s confidence that the transfer […]

A ruinous desire to please overseas "partner"

The Court of First Instance of Chalkida demanded two letters of guarantee totaling almost 1.87 million euros from the shipowner of the Lana tanker to lift the temporary ban on navigation. The story of the Lana tanker is getting “weirder and weirder” every day. An Iranian tanker flying the Russian flag has been off the […]

Nuclear aggravation on the Iranian front

The IAEA is sounding the alarm: the disobedient Persians do not want to stand in the stall and stop work on uranium enrichment. After the collective West prepared an anti-Iranian IAEA resolution and voted it without taking into account the opinion of not only Iran itself, but also China and Russia, surveillance cameras and other […]

Shanghai Cooperation Organization welcomes Iran and prepares to host Afghanistan

The security of neighboring countries is expected to be the focus of the new government in Kabul, including stability and economic concerns. Immediately after the end of the American occupation of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan withdrew their objections and accepted Iran as a full member. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Iran has been an observer member […]