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Collective West to Israel: “Repelling Iranian attacks is too expensive for us”

The West has spent enormous military and financial resources to defend Israel from yesterday's attack, and Iran appears unwilling to continue its retaliation.

The countries of the “collective West” (we mean the Americans, the French and the British, who took it upon themselves to defend Israel from a massive Iranian attack with drones and missiles) putting pressure on Netanyahu so that he does not respond to Iran, because, as they say, “We don't know how long we can withstand a second or third wave attacks“.

Moreover, the US has ruled out participation in any Israeli counter-attack on Iran, US officials said, as Israel's war cabinet reportedly concluded its meeting. without deciding what action to take in response to Tehran's attack.

However, according to the latest information, Israel's defense minister told the Biden administration that Israel has “no choice but to respond” to Iran's missile and drone attack this weekend.

The problem is that Netanyahu needs constant pre-war tension, and the best thing is war. Moreover, the fairly successful repulsion of Iran’s attack feeds a sense of impunity, as well as the fact that if the war stops, Netanyahu will be removed from office, and then he will most likely end up in the dock.

For Western countries, the problem is different: a war with Iran means a lot of money for missile defense, closing the straits, as well as another global oil crisis.

Please note that the cost of the missiles that had to be spent to intercept Iranian drones and missiles was $1.3 billion! At least 50% of these costs were borne by the United States, Britain and France. And this does not count the costs of transporting fleets + US and British air forces to the shores of Israel. And this is at least the same (or even greater) amount.

In contrast, the cost of an Iranian attack, with cheap drones (one Shaheed cost them $4,000 to produce) and cheap ballistic missiles (they used the oldest and not the best of the 3,000 they had in stock, as well as relatively old cruise missiles) , in total, cost them no more than 20 million dollars!

Therefore, as they make clear to Netanyahu, in the second or even third wave of attacks they will not be as effective, and the reason is not only the cost, but also the fact that the number of weapons will be insufficient. It is known that a $2 million Patriot missile was used to shoot down… a $4,000 drone! And this is the ratio in everything.

While The West is looking for ways to send weapons systems to Ukraine, of which it now clearly does not have sufficient quantities, it becomes clear that it will not be able to bear the burden of a conflict with such a powerful force as Iran. In the attack the day before yesterday, Iran used 5% of its missiles, that is, about 150, while its stockpile is 3,000. It also has about 25,000 kamikaze drones, which he builds at a rate of 50 per day!

This means that next time they can send thousands of such drones And oversaturate all Western and Israeli funds with them Air defenseand then launch massive missile strikes, which this time will inflict very big damage. Even the notorious “Iron Dome” will not be able to cope with such an attack, and it is worth remembering that the Shiite Hezbollah, which also has a fairly large missile arsenal, practically did not participate in the Iranian strike the day before yesterday.

What happens if it starts hitting targets on Israeli territory? Not even the best Iranian ballistic missiles managed to break through the anti-aircraft umbrella created by Israel and the West. From 7 to 20 missiles were able to break through and hit targets, and maybe more, because Israel’s information security is working at 100%.

In addition, the Iranians had many unsuccessful drone launches (how could it be otherwise, after all, we are talking about old stocks of Martyrs), and several of them did not reach Israel. Moreover, the distance was too great. For comparison: this is the same as launching Shahid from Moscow so that it flies to London!

They took a longer route because they had to cross the Golan Heights through Syria, where the Israeli Air Force flies without any request from local authorities. Next time they may have problems with this because of the local (Russian) air defense, which this time was inactive.

The Iranians knew that if they tried to pass through Jordan, many of them would be shot down. Jordan is the only pro-Western country remaining in the region and is considered one of the staunchest allies of the United States of America. Iran then warned Jordan, saying that next time she will be a target too. An attack on Jordan would jeopardize the pro-American regime in that country, where the population is categorically against Israel.

The Americans understand the situation perfectly and demand that Netanyahu “swallow” the Iranian attack. It remains to be seen whether Israel will be comfortable with its response to Iran. However, there is a high probability that in the event of subsequent Iranian retaliation, he will find himself completely alone. Especially if the targets of the attack include Iranian nuclear facilities (as promised in Israel) and civilian infrastructure facilities.

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Collective West to Israel: “Repelling Iranian attacks is too expensive for us”

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