Hackers hacked the archive of Thessaloniki municipality

The hackers broke into the archive of the municipality of Thessaloniki, whose services are trying to restore its functions. This is a digital ransomware attack (a practice that is increasingly used) in which attackers infiltrate a system and block critical functions, preventing the owner from using it. The digital robbers sent a message to the […]

Ireland: country hospitals attacked by hackers

Irish healthcare system shut down due to hacker attack. The ransomware virus is demanding a ransom, and the data on the central servers is under threat, euronews reports. The authorities believe that an “international criminal network” is behind the hacker attack, but experts have not yet figured out what happened. Many medical institutions had to […]

Colonial Pipeline paid hackers $ 5 million

Cyberattacked Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline operator in the United States, paid hackers from Eastern Europe almost $ 5 million in cryptocurrency. informs Bloomberg agency citing sources. According to the agency, the specified amount was paid within hours after the attack on the company’s systems was carried out. “After receiving the payment, the hackers provided […]

Hackers “empty” bank accounts using SMS

Greek police are sounding the alarm as phone scams are becoming more common in the country and fraudsters are becoming more inventive. Using a completely ordinary SMS, hackers convince unsuspecting citizens to change the codes of electronic banking. There was a case when 1000 euros were stolen from a woman’s account. Increasingly, online criminals are […]

Data of 533 million Facebook users leaked to hackers

On one of the hacker forums, the personal data of more than 533 million Facebook users appeared in free access, this is the biggest embarrassment of Mark Zuckerberg’s company in the entire history of the site. It is reported by Business Insider. These include phone numbers, identifiers, full names, locations, dates of birth, bios, and […]

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