June 25, 2024

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Russian hackers attacked Israeli government website

The hacker group Killnet from Russia announced a successful attack on Israeli government systems after an attack on the country by militants of the Islamist movement Hamas.

The Killnet message states:

“Government of Israel, you are to blame for this bloodshed. Back in 2022, you supported the terrorist regime of Ukraine. You betrayed Russia.”

Hackers announced the “murder of the main state website” of Israel and attached a screenshot pages gov.il. The message is dated October 8; as of the morning of October 11, the site is available for viewing. Russian Killnet regularly reports attacks on government and other websites of Ukraine and its allies, and declares support for the Kremlin in cyberspace.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, responsible for monitoring the rules of war, published rules for civilian hackers participating in war for the first time a week ago. writes Air Force. In accordance with international humanitarian law, the following rules apply:

  1. Do not direct cyber attacks against civilian targets.
  2. Do not use malware or other tools or methods that automatically spread and indiscriminately harm military and civilian targets.
  3. When planning a cyber attack on a military target, do everything possible to avoid or minimize the impact of your operation on civilians.
  4. Do not conduct any cyber operations against medical and humanitarian institutions.
  5. Do not carry out any cyberattacks on facilities essential to the survival of the population or that could release dangerous forces.
  6. Do not threaten violence to spread terror among civilians.
  7. Do not incite violations of international humanitarian law.
  8. Stick to these rules, even if the enemy does not.

It is worth noting that the gov.il website, attacked by Russian hackers, is used by ordinary Israeli citizens to receive government services.

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