Personal doctor: registration of citizens begins on August 1

Tomorrow, on Monday, August 1, the process of registering citizens who have reached the age of 16 begins with their personal doctor in all regions of the country, except for Attica and the South Aegean region. The deadline for registering physicians as a personal physician is August 5, 2022. For the two regions of Attica […]

Greece will ‘punish’ patients not registered under the ‘personal doctor’ scheme

The Greek government is accelerating changes to the healthcare system and it is expected that the relevant decisions on the new “personal doctor” scheme, with all possible details, will be published by June 15th. Under the new system, patients insured under the public health system risk being “punished” with fines and out-of-pocket medical expenses if […]

Honorary Prize for the Greek: “Best Family Doctor” in the world for 2021

The World Family Doctor Prize for 2021 was awarded to Anargyros D. Mariolis, Director of Areopolis Health Center (Κέντρου Υγείας Αρεόπολης) and physician at the University of Athens School of Medicine by the World Organization of Family Physicians WONCA. It is an honorary international award given every two years to doctors from all over the […]