March 26, 2023

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Greece will ‘punish’ patients not registered under the ‘personal doctor’ scheme

The Greek government is accelerating changes to the healthcare system and it is expected that the relevant decisions on the new “personal doctor” scheme, with all possible details, will be published by June 15th.

Under the new system, patients insured under the public health system risk being “punished” with fines and out-of-pocket medical expenses if they are not enrolled in the new system.

From the date of publication of ministerial decisions, there will be a one-quarter supply, during which citizens will have to choose a personal doctor and register with him. Otherwise, there will be three major ‘penalties’ that will apply 6 months after registration begins, health news site sources say .

Personal doctor and fines

Within the next six months, each insured person must choose a personal doctor who will monitor his health and offer his services if necessary.

The choice can be made regardless of the region: either doctors who currently work in public primary health care structures, i.e. in health centers, district medical posts (TOMI), polyclinics, etc., or from private doctors.

Note that with On June 1, 2022, uninsured patients are only allowed to go to public medical institutions and doctors, with the exception of chronically ill patients.


Citizens who do not have a personal doctor will pay “fines” out of their own pockets. Based on the regulations expected to be issued by the Ministry of Health, the fines will be as follows:

  • Citizens will not be able to be referred to public hospitals. Thus, they will have to choose a private hospital to meet their needs, while EOPYY will not have coverage because the referral was not issued.
  • They will pay baboutmost of the costs of medical operations, tests and examinations, as well as medicines. The exact percentage will be set in a decision of the ministry, but as stated by the leadership of the Ministry of Health, especially in relation to medicines, self-participation is likely to be increased by 10%. That is, if today participation in the purchase of medicines reaches 25%, then those who do not have a prescription from a personal doctor will pay 35%.

They will not have priority enrollment in public health services esysince the appointment will be made through a personal doctor and, therefore, citizens who have chosen their personal doctor will stand in front of him.

According to , the “Personal Doctor” scheme is a commitment based on financial assistance agreements signed between Greece and European creditors during the economic crisis. Therefore, as soon as the ministerial decision is published, it will be presented to the competent European institutions the next day.

PS Facts:

  1. we live in a country where the government seeks to “punish” citizens for every reason (300 euros for not having a mask, for not being vaccinated) and now for not being registered with a family doctor.
  2. citizens have to speak out for every politician’s mismanagement, ending up in huge debt, while no politician has been held accountable for the economic crisis, except for PASOK’s scapegoat, former Defense Minister Tsochatsopoulos.

PPS Recently, I have been constantly turning to private doctors, since appointments with those covered by EFKA usually go for a period of several months, or even canceled altogether. Naturally, no one returns the money. In fact, this whole system does not work …

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