Personal doctor: registration starts from October 1

Starting from October 1, the system of making an appointment for “personal doctor”. The Ministry of Health has issued guidance on the requirements for personal physicians under contract with ΕΟΠΥΥmake a schedule of admission.

The first appointment will last twice as long (30 minutes) so that the doctor has time to fill out the citizen’s medical card. Each personal physician must draw up his appointment schedule in accordance with the number of registered population that he has at a given time. The first appointment for all personal physicians must be completed by 20 September.

Penalties for persons not registered in the “Personal Doctor” system

It states that all personal physicians are required to contact registered citizens to complete their medical records, even if they do not show up for an appointment. Appointments should be scheduled at the end of the month for the next two months for each personal physician.

The circular provides the following example. Suppose a personal physician has 1,000 registered citizens. At the end of September, meetings should be scheduled for October and November. Based on the number of registered citizens, this GP should have 20 hours of appointments scheduled. At the end of October, you should check if the number of people registered with this personal doctor has changed.

In the event that on the last day of October the number of citizens registered with a given doctor has increased to 1700, he must schedule an additional 10 hours for November, and December must be scheduled taking into account the new number.

Scheduled appointments should last 15 minutes, and for citizens making an appointment for the first time, the appointment will last 30 minutes, since it is necessary to fill out an individual medical record of each patient.

All appointments of contracted family physicians, which are now part of the Institute of Personal Physicians, remain as they were.

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