May 25, 2024

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Honorary Prize for the Greek: “Best Family Doctor” in the world for 2021

The World Family Doctor Prize for 2021 was awarded to Anargyros D. Mariolis, Director of Areopolis Health Center (Κέντρου Υγείας Αρεόπολης) and physician at the University of Athens School of Medicine by the World Organization of Family Physicians WONCA. It is an honorary international award given every two years to doctors from all over the world.

Criteria for awarding the award to a family doctor: the specialist must provide holistic, patient-oriented, high-quality medical care; make science-based decisions in a timely manner (diagnosis, treatment prescription); to be a leader in terms of administrative work.

This year’s award went to renowned family physician Anargyros D. Mariolis, from the remote corner of Greece, Mani.

“Fight and hope are the guiding stars that helped me to feel the aspirations of every patient who passed through my hands, whose lives were saved and restored, especially in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. The entire medical community, all together over the years, we have provided a solid rear, saved, protected the life and health of people. (…) I would like to sincerely thank you once again for the honorary award presented to me, ”said the winner.

It is worth noting that Anargyros D. Mariolis was named the best family doctor in Europe in 2019, and since September 2020 he has been a member of the expert committee of the Greek Ministry of Health.

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