There is no crisis for the rich

If you look at the recent very positive quarterly financial results of high fashion and luxury goods companies, you will see that the wealthy live in a different world where there is no recession, no inflation and no expensive electricity. One has only to look at Hermes International and LVMH sales, as well as Swiss […]

Poverty in Greece rises again after pandemic, says Poverty Watch

A total of 29.5% of the total population (about 3,092,300 people) are simultaneously at risk of poverty or social exclusion, the Hellenic Antipoverty Network’s annual report said on Monday. According to Poverty Watch Greece 2022, which uses the Hellenic Statistical Office and other data, including the Network’s own questionnaires, 19.6% of the Greek population is […]

Demand for firewood in Europe breaks records

The cold weather is approaching, and as the energy crisis unfolds in the European Union, its inhabitants are looking to the world’s oldest fuel. Due to the shortage of gas, the demand for firewood is growing rapidly, writes Bloomberg. They are confidently becoming a popular commodity, because approximately 70% of European heating comes from natural […]

Greeks are outraged in social networks: “We will starve because of them”

Worst winter in Europe, comparable, according to Adonis Georgiadis, from 1942, when Greece was under Nazi occupation, is just around the corner. At least in those European countries that have been recognized as “unfriendly” to Russia and are experiencing retaliatory sanctions from Moscow. Brussels and the UK are trying to cut their gas consumption by […]

“Deterioration of living standards for some time is inevitable” – Greek government spokesman

“A deterioration in the standard of living for some time is inevitable,” government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou warned the Greeks on Sunday. “The quality of life of citizens is under threat of a sharp deterioration,” the spokesman said in an interview with Skai TV and in an article he published in the Sunday edition of the […]

How Greece is coping with its trials

The financial crisis, the covid pandemic, soaring inflation… It seems that time after time, fate is testing Greece’s strength in a series of global problems. Will she make it this time? The Euronews correspondent talked to representatives of different social groups, and this is what he managed to find out. The heroes of his reportage […]