Dentist commits suicide due to poverty

The decision to end her life was taken by a 36-year-old dentist who was placed on unpaid leave by the government after she refused mandatory vaccinations.

The tragic incident was mentioned at a major political event held the day before yesterday in the spiritual center of the municipality of Athens. According to protesting health workers, the dentist has been out of the professional field for more than a year due to a refusal to vaccinate, has found herself in a dead end and a financial crisis. And even if she started working today, she would face a big problem in order to restore her working level to the situation that preceded the mandatory vaccination.

According to reports, the woman was found hanged in her home. Health Minister Thanos Pleuris tried to absolve himself and his government of the blame by saying “she did not work in medicine” and was “a private doctor or dentist who was on vacation at her own expense.”

What’s worse, Mr Pleury. Why did you forbid her to practice her profession? How was this woman going to resume her practice? How can she get her clientele back? Especially when your government stigmatizes anyone who dares to refuse to be vaccinated with an experimental formulation as “pulverized”.

In an interview on ANT1, Thanos Pleuris commented:

“I read this on Twitter. This is not about a national health worker, but about a private doctor or dentist who was on vacation. I can’t go into the reasons, I imagine that something like this is true. I can’t go into the reasons why a person did such an act.I saw a lot of aggression on Twitter to this message.When the state takes measures to protect the health of the population, and they are recognized as constitutional, as it was done in this case, it is obvious that these measures affect some people. These people had a choice, and that choice was to get vaccinated. I don’t know what a suspension from work is, and there is no connection with the Ministry of Health. It’s a sad fact, but is there anyone who links these two things?”

Unprecedented audacity!

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Dozens of medical workers mourned the 36-year-old Chrysanti with touching posts. They also publish photographs of a woman leading protests by suspended medical workers.

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