State Council Decision Allows Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers to Return to Work

The possibility of the return to work of health workers who have not been vaccinated is opened by the decision of the State Council (Supreme Court of Greece), which recognized unconstitutional provided by the end of the year extension of mandatory vaccination of health workers. Supreme Court appealed by the trade union confederation POEDINdecided that […]

Dentist commits suicide due to poverty

The decision to end her life was taken by a 36-year-old dentist who was placed on unpaid leave by the government after she refused mandatory vaccinations. The tragic incident was mentioned at a major political event held the day before yesterday in the spiritual center of the municipality of Athens. According to protesting health workers, […]

Medical union: ICUs will close if nurses are fired because of refusal to vaccinate

We call on the government to find a solution and ensure the activities of 1091 health workers, of which 720 are intensive care unit nurses (ΜΕΘ)- ΜΑΦ and ΤΕΠ. ΠΟΕΔΗΝ rings the bells once again, declaring that if the emergency critical care and public health nurses don’t stay at ΕΣΥ, they will close the intensive […]

The Russian State Duma explained why people refuse to vaccinate

Opponents of vaccinations against coronavirus are under a “psychological cap”, said candidate of medical sciences Tatyana Solomatina, deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on health protection. In an interview with radio Sputnik, according to the publication News, the candidate of medical sciences expressed bewilderment how people can “calmly treat” the increase in diseases and […]

From July 15, new measures: who and what will be allowed, and who will not

The way to a normal rhythm of life lies through vaccination, after the creation of herd immunity. If until yesterday this seemed theoretical to many, then after the statements of the Minister of State Georgios Gerapetritis and the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis it entered our reality, having a significant impact on the social life […]

Russia: discrimination and blocking of the unvaccinated is inevitable

Today, the Russian authorities announced that those who do not want to get vaccinated will have limited job opportunities, will not be able to work in many jobs and are likely to be discriminated against. Dmitry Peskov said: “The reality is that such discrimination will inevitably occur. People without vaccinations and immunity will not be […]