February 3, 2023

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In Germany "said goodbye" with the COVID-19 pandemic

It happened: in Germany, the end of the coronavirus pandemic was officially recognized.

German edition Tagesspiegel quotes Christian Drossen, Head of Virology at the Charité Berlin, who is on the Coronavirus Council of the German federal government:

“According to my assessment, this winter we are experiencing the first endemic wave of coronavirus. This means that the pandemic is over.”

In his opinion, the inhabitants of the country should survive the first wave of seasonal diseases quite confidently. At the end of winter, immunity to coronavirus will be so widespread and stable that it is unlikely that the virus will be able to spread massively in the summer.

About situation in China, where COVID is spreading massively after the cancellation of the “zero tolerance” policy for it, Drosten noted that the main mistake was the lack of awareness in the country about vaccination among the population, especially among the elderly. Virologist says:

“The vaccination campaign in Germany and Europe as a whole was a decisive step in the fight against the pandemic. The restrictions that were introduced due to the spread of COVID-19 are absolutely justified.”

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